Flip Booth Photo Services



*On-Site Photo Studio:
10' long x 10' wide x 8' tall Open Air Studio Station, 1080p HD Camera, Studio Quality Lighting, professional background, the latest Hi-end technology printer and Pro card slitter.

*Props to Match:
That means you can even choose specific props to stick with your party’s theme. Several high quality props, hats, wigs, masks, glasses, picture frames, boas, mustaches and everything you’ll need to perform your best act. 

*Customized Covers: 
To match the event, we are all about customizing your event to make it perfect for your occasion. We’ll make sure your event is unique, our design staff will work with you to create your FlipBook cover; your guests will see the design incorporated into their special touches and they will keep it forever!.

*Two On-site Coordinators:
If your guests ever have a problem or question, we have dedicated support staff ready to assist them; our on-site team will keep the line moving, assist with props & scrapbooks, as well as engage with your guests every step of the way.

Quick and smooth! The Flip Station team will arrive at least one hour prior to the start time and takes approximately twenty (20) minutes to set up.

*Personalized Guest Book: 
Your favorite part!, If The Flip Station is a great idea, a Flip Scrapbook Station makes it even better. We help your guests to create a Guestbook by providing an extra 4x6 photo print, markers, scissors and glue. You’ll love the pictures and messages guests leave for you. This is the kind of keepsake that you’ll treasure for at least a lifetime. This precious 8" x 8" personalized Guestbook will be designed by our graphic team using your ideas in order to create a custom look that defines your personal style.

*Video Live: 
The Flip Station sync’d to an external screen placed on the outside, will instantly show to everyone at your event the action taking place on the set. It builds even more excitement for those waiting to get into The Flip Station and shows everyone else the kind of fun they could be having.

*Data Saver: 
All the Flip Clip's, Flip Books and/or Photo Gifts files will be saved to a Cloud.

We can personalize your own wall design to The Flip Station displaying your image, colors and message. (Custom vinyl backdrop) From $700