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Flip Booth Station will take you to the next generation in Photo Booths



 Flip-Book is the latest trend in custom party favors that will add the Fun, Entertainment and remarkable moments to your party or event. 


 Photo-Booth Station is an open space that acts as a stage, where your guests - up to 10 - can take incredible photos, print and share with friends and family in seconds! 


A Flip-Book is an animated booklet with a series of pictures put together to create motion video.

 With a flicker of the thumb and the flutter of  the photo pages, you will have repeated enjoyment as you flip back through your memories and watch the animation unfold again and again! long after your special day or event. The Flip Book will be a unique and entertaining memento that is sure to put a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your face all over again. The keepsake come to life as you FLIP through the photos!  Your guests will be talking about your Flip Book for days to come! 

Now creating a Flip Book is easier than ever with The Flip Station! 

just 4 steps.

Step One

 Lights!!: Pick up your props and wear it... 

Step Two

Camera!!: Wait for the 5 sec countdown... 

Step Three

 Action!!: You have 7 seconds to be creative and do funny things 

Step Four

 Cut!!: After 90 seconds can pick up your Master Piece. 



Anniversary,  Baby Shower, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Children's Party, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, Dance Luncheon, Private Party, Quinceañera, Save-The-Date, Sweet 16, Wedding 


Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Mother/Father's day, Religious Celebration, San Valentin, St Patrick, Thanksgiving 


Business Reunion, Charity, Convention, Fundraisers, Galas & Dinners, Hospitality,  Seminar ,Trade Show 


Awards Night, Sporting Event, Stadium Activities, Street Competitions 


Classmate Reunion, Festival, Graduation, Musical Proms & Balls 


 Concerts, Parades, Political Events,
Grand Openings, New Products launch, Branding Engagement,  Movie Premieres 


A Flip-Book can also be a unique and creative promotional item to advertise your product or service. Your marketing message and your brand can be viewed and read over and over again on a new way by using a full motion clip in a booklet. Our Art department will work with you and customize your Flip-Books with a design that incorporates your name, brand and logo. Flip Booth Station will produce a Flip-Book that will work as your interactive business card!  Imagine our Flip-Books working for you: • Invitations and on site entertainment for your corporate parties and picnics • Attract prospects at Expos (Flip Booth Station will keep your prospects at your stand) • Event handouts • Trade show Giveaways • Grand openings • Interactive brochures • Direct mail • Thank you notes – greeting cards • Charitable Fundraisers / Non Profit organizations Corporate sponsors love to see their names in the back cover! 


 *On-Site Photo Studio: 10' long x 8' wide x 8' tall Open Air Studio Station, 1080p HD Camera, Studio Quality Lighting, the latest Hi-end technology printer and Pro card slitter.
*Props to Match:  That means you can even choose specific props to stick with your party’s theme. Several high quality props, hats, wigs, masks, glasses, boas, mustaches and everything you’ll need to perform your best act.  
*Customized Covers:  To match the event, we are all about customizing your event to make it perfect for your occasion. We’ll make sure your event is unique, our design staff will work with you to create your OWN COVER; your guests will see the design incorporated into their special touches and they will keep it forever!
*Two On-site Coordinators:  If your guests ever have a problem or question, we have dedicated support staff ready to assist them; our on-site team will keep the line moving, assist with props, as well as engage with your guests every step of the way.
*Set-up:  Quick and smooth! The Flip Booth Station team will arrive at least one hour prior to the start time and takes approximately forty (40) minutes to set up and thirty (30) minutes to tear down.  
*Unlimited Favors:  All our packages includes unlimited prints!, that’s right, your guests can smile all they want and you’ll never have to worry about costs per print or running out of printer supplies.
*Data Saver:  All the Flip Clip’s, Flip Books and/or Photo Booth files will be saved to share with you a day after. 


Flip-Book… How it works?

 Flip Booth Station will make it FUN and EASY for you! Our team will arrive to your event/Party and set up a professional mobile studio, they will help you in inviting and encouraging your guests to step behind the camera and make a short video clip.   We’ll provide them with the craziest props and signs so they can perform their best video clip ever! -up to 12 guest at time- In seconds Flip Booth Station technology will turn the video clip into a personalized Flip-Book. It creates buzz & excitement as your guests watch each other performing to make their Flip-Book. There will be a total of 60 photo pages in your Flip Book, within a total of 2 minutes from start to finish. Our Flip-Books are made of the highest quality materials that will last for years 

Photo-Booth… How it works?

 Photo-Booth Station is an open space that acts as a stage, where your guests - up to 10 - can take incredible photos, print and share with friends and family in seconds! You disguise yourself with one of the accessories that are at your disposal, you put your best smile, and from that moment the fun begins. A photographer makes you the photo and prints it; Is a unique and fun souvenir of the event. 

How can I know which package is right for me?

 Depends on the number of guests to your event, the following guide suggests you how many hours should hire based on the number of guests to your event: 

100 guest = 2 hours service  

200 guest = 3 hours service   

300 guest = 4 hours service  

400 guest = 4/5 hours service  

Where should I put The Flip Booth Station and how much room do I need?

The most important thing to remember is the flow of the guests around the Flip Booth Station, you do not want the station stay too close to where guests will be seated , we will work with you before your event to decide the best place. It is usually best to have it in the reception area. the entire Flip Station area will need to be able to accommodate the mobile studio (10x10), two tables one for the props and one for the scrapbook station. We can provide tablecloths for these tables, but you are always welcome to use your own tables or tables and linens. The Flip Booth Station will also need a regular outlet to plug into, an outlet will need to be close by. We do have extension cords but the plug needs to be in a place where the cord will not cross over where guests will be walking. 

Is set up and break down time included in my package?

Yes, there is no extra charge; The Flip Booth Station will be ready to run when your event begins. For example, if you rent for 4 hours starting at 6:00 and ending at 10:00. We will arrive an hour before to set up. Everything will be set up and ready to run at 6:00, we will begin taking The Flip Booth Station down at 10:00. Set up and break down will not interfere with your time. 

What if something goes wrong with The Flip Booth Station during my event?

This is unlikely; however, The Flip Booth Station attendant is trained to deal with technical issues and should be able to quickly correct any problems. The Flip Booth Station will run during your entire rental period, but occasionally the Station will need to be serviced for a few minutes for something such as reloading the paper or changing the ink. The Flip Booth Station is guaranteed to be operational at least 80% of the time. If something unforeseen were to happen, you would be extra time refunded in equal amount of time the Station was not operational. 


We have special rates for All day long, Multi-day and  support for Non-profit, Charity or Fund-raising events.

 We believe that Quality doesn’t mean crazy rocket prices, our commitment is provide you with the best technology, quality and service on site at a fair price. 

How do I reserve The Flip Booth Station?

 Send us an email or fill out the form on our contact page to see if we have availability the date of your event, we will send you a rental contract to complete.  We require a signed rental contract and a deposit of $200 to reserve the date.  The balance is due 2 weeks before your event.  We accept checks and all major credit cards Please contact us to get an estimate and reserve your date. 


Any service within 60 miles from The Woodlands is free of transportation charge. For services outside this range please contact us. 

Austin • Dallas • San Antonio 


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